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About Howie Damron

“He is of little ambition that chooses to do no good that will last beyond his own life”.

Words that Howie Damron has allowed to guide his entire life and career. Since he received his first guitar at the early age of eight music has not just been part of his life but has been his life. His travels and adventures has reached areas that are unreachable for most and where many others have quit his determination and perseverance has lead him on a life that most only dream of. He’s worked with over 100 major Nashville Artists and has performed on just about every stage there is across the country and ended up with his own show in Las Vegas.

After a few years of taking a little time off, Howie had no intention on returning to the main stream entertainment business. While in a Masonic Lodge in Ohio, during a very personal experience, he wrote down his feelings in a song. Soon after that the song, “The Masonic Ring”, became world known, touching the lives of his Brother Freemasons all over the globe. The calls started and his music and motivational personality was higher in demand than ever before.

Howie's tour, “The Masonic Pride Tour”, has shows scheduled into 2011. His music is also heard on many hunting and fishing shows, and he’s even currently filming a whole new concept in bringing the outdoorsman and Freemason together for the very first time in a show that he’s hosting called “Masonic Pride Outdoor Advent ures”. These DVD's are available and ordered by Masonic Lodges for new membership promotions and explanations of who the Freemasons are and why.

He has recently been named National/ International Ambassador of Scottish Rite and Blue Lodge Freemasonry and his albums “Hiram’s Call” and “The Masonic Touch” are being ordered worldwide by the Brotherhood. His newest compositions, “I’m Living DeMolay” and his daughter Karisa Damron's new song she just wrote and recorded called “Follow the Eastern Star” have moved both of there careers up into new levels. Both Howie and Karisa claim, “It's not for fame and fortune that we do what we do but the facts are it’s who we are and what we love and it’s pure pleasure that we see it as a mission of helping lives to understand what we already know and that is that life is so well worth living and the teachings of Freemasonry is needed worse today than ever in the history of the craft and that’s thousands of years”.

Howie's son Seth, who is a 32nd Scottish Rite Freemason, is now joining them on stage as a guitar player and singer and the fun is rising to new heights. An evening at one of the performances is one that’s not forgotten for a long time. His loves in life are simple but long; things like family, friends, freedom, hunting and fishing, compassion about disabled and less fortunate, God, Country and on and on. But then for those who have heard his music already knows all of his loves, for it’s all in his music that he shares.